Melbourne Fringe Review: Mager and Smythe

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I had the pleasure on the 19th of September of seeing the amazing musical comedy duo that is Mager and Smythe. Their fabulous show ‘The Road to Shangri La’ is the follow up to the previous hit show ‘In Search of Atlantis’ which won the Cabaret Festival Award at the Melbourne Fringe in 2009. Our journey picks up where Atlantis left off, after our intrepid and slightly stupid explorers emerge in China, only to then meet interesting and shady characters who lead them all the way to bustling and ridiculously busy Bombay and Nepal. In the end the boys find themselves searching for ‘Shangri La – The City of Light’ Which asks the ultimate question…. is it better to know everything the universe has to offer?

Mager and Smthye have been working hard devising side-splittingly and ever so slightly offensive humour which is sure to leave you in good spirits. The songs are memorable and melodious, and the characters easily relatable to those anyone could meet whilst travelling. I highly recommend this satirical romp for an escape, a laugh and a dose of pentatonic scales on strange instruments.

– Savanna Griechen

Savanna Griechen is a Music Theatre and Opera performer who graduated from WAAPA in 2007. She is a song writer, singer and performer and is currently devising her own cabaret show around the music of Kurt Weill.

Mager and Smythe ‘The Road to Shangri La’ is playing at the Lithuaniun Club from the 18/09 to the 25/09, Tickets are $20 for Adults with concessions available.

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