Melbourne Fringe Review: Impromptunes

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Improv with puppets. What’s not to like? Better yet you can come back day after day because no two performance are the same. If you’re familiar with improve you know the drill. An audience member shouts out a topic and the entire performance is based around it. And so, ‘Copyright Infringement’ was brought to life…

Impromptunes has five artists that quadruple as puppeteers, singers, actors and dancers. I have always been struck by improv. I feel like it’s something that I would struggle with at a basic level not to mention attempting to create a one hour performance on the spot! Do they have a set script to fall back on? It didn’t seem like it. The inter-play between the performers appeared seamless and there were moments of hilarity that could not have been planned. I especially loved seeing the artists crack up at what their colleagues were spouting.

Did I mention that there is a triangle involved? One audience member gets it. When it is rung (you only get to do it once per show) all hell breaks loose. It’s worth going just for this.

My only criteria for performance-based shows is, were people entertained?. Impromptunes left little doubt. We were very, very entertained.

– Rukmal

Check the Fringe website for Impromptunes’ dates and times.

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