Enter The Glade with Lux’s latest light event

Glade is Lux’s latest experiment in bringing Wellington a public and immersive light show. They’re making an effort to test out new ideas with a number of spinoff events leading up to next year’s show.

Visitors making their way through Glade

Visitors making their way through Glade

The team behind Lux have consciously been tight lipped about exactly what The Glade involves. If you read their event page or look at the Lux website you’ll be left with the idea that lights and artists are involved, but you won’t really know how they fit together. Or where exactly it is.

But the mystery is all part of the experience. On arrival we are shuffled into a pitch black room lit by a suspicious glow for debriefing. Our eccentric (and possibly mad) host explains that the team at Glade needs expert help, which is where we come in. A baby beside me cheers. She’s ready to go. So they send us away on a secret mission, to discover the ‘weird nature’ of Glade’s top secret light experimentation. Aboard a crocodile bike, of course.

Unlike the previous Lux exhibits, the artwork for Glade is tucked away in a hidden location for the sake of mystery. The Glade breaths with dancing lights, and is brought to life by the actors, artist, and volunteers . Combining art, theatre, and sci fi to create an immersive experience for all ages; adults were just as awed as children by the displays, if not more.

While we live with mass information at our finger tips at any time, it’s great to go into an experience  and be able to discover it for yourself. The theatrical twist is a fun take on the festival too, and I’m looking forward to seeing how Lux will keep evolving.

Cerise spends her day balancing hats at a software company. She is a geek for all things design, animation, and pancakes.  

LUX will be returning to Wellington from the 12 – 21 May 2017. Make sure you follow them on Facebook or check out their website for further details. 

Photo Credit: Wellington Lux