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Hey there! I’m HilairePicture of Hilaire Carmody at a cocktail bar

I wear The Plus Ones hat for the wonderful city of Wellington. The Plus Ones love telling you about events. It’s a natural urge — they can’t help themselves. Born from a love of spreading the word of time-worthy events to friends The Plus Ones is saying a friendly hey there to each city around the world.

And what exactly do The Plus Ones do? Well, we write event reviews and guides. And we also like to have a lot of fun. We just want to share the pure enjoyment of finding out the best that our city has to offer and hoping that a few cool peeps (that’s you) might join us.

I’ll be out and about in the Summer, the autumn, braving the Winter and basking in Spring to scope out the local scene. I hope to connect with event goers and event organisers and brands all over town!

Join our community on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter, and sign up to become a VIP. Come to events and make sure you say hi — we always love to meet our followers. And if you ever find events that we’re not across, tell us or add it to our calendar. There’s nothing we love more than showcasing a great event.

The Plus Ones Wellington team:

On any given day our talented group of regular writers are spread across Wellington covering this city’s best events.

  • Cerise Parr Cerise spends her day balancing hats at a software company. She is a serious geek for all things design, animation, and pancakes.
  • Darren Lovell
  • Dell Mitchell is crazy, energetic, and busy. Especially loves live music, comedy, science, and all the good stuff about Wellington (including the weather).
  • Ellie Jade Baker
  • Hilaire Carmody is art crazy, theatre crazy, dance crazy, music crazy, comedy crazy, people crazy and most importantly Wellington crazy. When not trying to be everywhere at once, she enjoys sipping champagne and listening to vinyl records.
  • Janine Bidmead
  • Julia Burgisser
  • Mathieu Anderson is a fresh transplant from Paris, France. He is still reeling from the shock of how awesome everything in Wellington is, and doing his best to never recover.
  • Mike Fowler
  • Rodrigo Arribas Lozano loves music, photography and cinema. He is a musician, a movie goer and a writer.
  • Shannon Friday is a giant geek for all things sci-fi, theatre, and best yet, sci-fi theatre.

Want to invite us (and possibly our plus ones) to cover your event?

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The Plus Ones operates under a 100% disclosure policy.
That means if we were invited — or even if we won tickets — we’ll always tell you.
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