Tag: The Plus Ones Melbourne

‘Burn The Floor’ at Arts Centre Melbourne

A night of mind-blowing moves, with scorching footwork and live musical accompaniment, is just some of what is on offer in 2017’s showing of famed Burn The Floor. Touring worldwide since the 1990s, this is their annual visit, attracting loyal fans….

‘Museum Alive: 3D’ with David Attenborough at Melbourne IMAX

As an 80’s kid with a father that loved documentaries, I literally grew up with David Attenborough’s distinctive voice always playing in the lounge room, describing the various mating habits present in the animal kingdom. As a 10 year old,…

Boozy Brunch at Taxi Dining

It’s no secret that The Plus Ones love Boozy Brunch. In fact, their exciting events are often a highlight of the month for our team. Boozy Brunch, for those not yet in the know, combines food, fashion and entertainment culture…