ACT Like a Lady Melbourne Comedy Festival

Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2017: ACT Like A Lady

ACT Like a Lady is a genuine and darling showcase of talented young ladies from Canberra. We arrived at the venue and if there was one thing you surely couldn’t deny, that was that The Basement Cafe provided a closeness to…

Melbourne International Comedy Festival: Comedy Safari

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival can be daunting. 550 shows, tons of talent, one month long, where do you start? We all, or maybe it’s just me, have a deep seated fear of being stuck in a cringe-worthy comedy show….

MSO Pixar in Concert

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra – Pixar In Concert

We’re big supporters of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra at The Plus Ones. The team continuously brings fresh, engaging content to Melburnian audiences and keeps our reputation as a cultural hub strong. In one of its first movie and symphony combinations of the…