Christina Aguilera slays for ALWAYS LIVE

Christina Aguilera made an electrifying return to Australia after 15 years, with an unforgettable open-air concert at Flemington Racecourse Presented by ALWAYS LIVE and Untitled.

ALWAYS LIVE is a state-wide celebration of live contemporary music. The biggest of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, creating memorable music moments right across Melbourne and Victoria.

Photo Credit: @ladydrewniak

The multi-Grammy Award-winning superstar was supported by a talented band, backup vocalists, and a troupe of a gorgeous male dancers who added an extra layer of spice. 

Despite the weather’s attempt to dampen spirits, Aguilera and her dedicated fans defied the rain, transforming it into a backdrop for an epic retrospective of her greatest hits

Throughout the night, the dancers, in vibrant and energetic performances, were frequently given the spotlight to shine, complementing Aguilera’s powerhouse vocals and captivating stage presence.

Photo Credit: @ladydrewniak

Aguilera’s performance of her iconic hit “Fighter” was an anthem of resilience, resonating deeply with the her devoted audience, who embraced the unwavering spirit of the song.

Another powerful moment unfolded during “Beautiful,” where Aguilera paired her soulful rendition with a visually impactful montage highlighting the importance of mental health awareness, which gained a huge roar of support from her fans.

Photo Credit: @ladydrewniak

Christina Aguilera’s return to Melbourne wasn’t just a concert; it was a night where music, dance, and nostalgia converged for an evening of pure fun and dancing in the rain. She not only reaffirmed her musical legacy but also her ability to forge emotional bonds that endure through the ages, creating a night that was as unforgettable as it was inspiring.

ALWAYS LIVE is running at various locations across Victoria until 10 December. 


Disclaimer: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Common State

Photo credit: ladydrewniak