Taylor Made: A Tribute to Taylor Swift Lights Up Northcote Theatre

Taylor Made, at Northcote Theatre was an electrifying showcase of diverse talents paying homage to the pop sensation.

The evening, presented by ALWAYS LIVE, Clementine Ford and Story Baker, featured an ensemble of Australia’s music maestros including Alex The Astronaut, Charley, Clare Bowditch, Em Rusciano, Emily Wurramara, Kate Miller-Heidke, Lisa Mitchell, and Sophia J. Smith, was an ode to Swift’s music legacy.


The revamped Northcote Theatre served as the perfect backdrop for this celebration, with its ambiance adding a touch of elegance to the night. As fans flooded in, dressed to the nines in sequins, anticipation was in the air.


The stage came alive with the renditions of Swift’s tracks, each artist infusing their own flair and reverence into the melodies. From soulful renditions to high-energy performances, it  showcased the diverse influence of Swift’s music.

The first act closed out with an explosive rendition of “Shake It Off,” igniting the audience into a frenzy of dance and sing-alongs. It was a moment of unity and a celebration of empowerment and resilience.


Beyond the music, the lighting for this show truly was impressive. My plus one and I often found ourselves mesmerised by how well it complimented both the venue and talent. Another shout out goes to the friendly security, door crew and bar staff, who all added to the electric vibe.

While it might not have been an ERAS show (and yes, I did miss out on tickets) it was a night that pulsated with a love for Taylor Swift’s artistry.

Photo credit: @alisoncosker

Taylor Made was a testament to the enduring impact of Swift’s music, and an unforgettable celebration of one of pop music’s most influential figures.

ALWAYS LIVE is running at various locations across Victoria until 10 December. 


Disclaimer: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Common State