Summer Camp Festival Melbourne ’23

Hey Plus Ones fam. Let me take you on a wild ride through the fabulous chaos that was Summer Camp Festival in Melbourne. As a lucky reviewer for The Plus Ones, I hit up this inclusive fiesta that’s all about embracing the queer, the curious…and the cuties!

This years Summer Camp was part of the ALWAYS LIVE program. ALWAYS LIVE is a state-wide celebration of live contemporary music. The biggest of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, creating memorable music moments right across Melbourne and Victoria.

Photo credit: @t15_media

Now, picture this: Melbourne’s skies decided to join the party, raining down while Jessie Ware belted out “Save A Kiss” like an absolute queen. Her crew, The Pearls, added that extra sparkle, making the moment downright iconic.

But Jessie wasn’t the only star-studded act! The Illustrious Blacks took over the main stage, serving looks and fierce vibes. These performers sure know how to own a crowd – they left us spellbound and wanting more.

Photo credit: @t15_media

Choosing between the three stages was tougher than picking a favorite snack at a candy store. I mostly camped out at the main stage, soaking in performances that ranged from local legends to international sensations. Each act brought its A-game, making it nearly impossible to peel myself away to explore the other stages.

Photo credit: @t15_media

The energy was through the roof – diverse sounds, mesmerizing visuals, and an atmosphere dripping with inclusivity. It felt like a big, fabulous family coming together to celebrate love, art, and musical mayhem.

From the electrifying Trixie Mattel’s Solid Pink Disco, to Brooke Candy’s underground rap, the variety was mind-blowing. And let’s not forget the viral sensation, Rebecca Black, who had the crowd hyped up and singing along to a dubstep remix of Friday.

Photo credit: @t15_media

It’s safe to say this was still an epic start to summer, even though the sun didn’t show its face. If you missed out,  mark your calendar for next year’s edition because it’s a celebration you won’t want to miss! Keep up to date with all the Summer Camp latest via their Facebook page

ALWAYS LIVE is running at various locations across Victoria until 10 December. 


Disclaimer: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Common State

Photo credit: @t15_media