Malevo Takes Melbourne by Storm

Last night, Melbourne experienced the electrifying dance spectacle Malevo, Argentina’s sensational export, which made its Australian debut at the State Theatre. The Plus Ones had the privilege of witnessing this high-energy, foot-stomping, and positively electrifying performance.

Photo credit: Jordan Munns

Malevo, directed and choreographed by the talented Matías Jaime, showcased a contemporary and exhilarating take on the traditional Argentinian folkloric dance, Malambo. The highlight of the evening undoubtedly belonged to the boleadoras dance, where these traditional hunting tools, typically made of leather and stone, were transformed into percussion instruments that swung around the dancers with precision and flair.

The fusion of Malambo with flamenco and urban percussion created a pulsating rhythm that echoed through the State Theatre. The fast leg movements, energetic zapateados (stomping), and quick cepillados (“brushing”/”scrubbing”) added layers of complexity to the choreography, leaving the audience entranced and in awe of Malevo’s skillful execution that was entirely faultless.

Photo credit: Jordan Munns

Having shared the stage with Latin Popstar, Ricky Martin, and graced the semi-finals of America’s Got Talent, Malevo brought a level of professionalism and showmanship that was nothing short of spectacular. The fact that they’ve performed on global stages from Las Vegas to Dubai and reached audiences in New York, Paris, Cairo, and Montreal speaks volumes about their universal appeal.

Photo credit: Jordan Munns

What sets Malevo apart is not only their technical prowess but also the way they infuse passion and heart-pounding energy into every movement. The chemistry among the performers was palpable, creating a synergy that resonated with the audience.

Photo credit: Jordan Munns

The show was a testament to Malevo’s ability to light up the stage with non-stop thrills. They delivered an unforgettable performance that transcended the stage, leaving Melbourne buzzing with the magic of Argentinian dance. If you’re looking for an evening of rhythmic marvel, Malevo is an absolute must-see.

– Brenton

Malevo is now showing until Sunday 28 January at the Art Centre’s State Theatre, get your tickets here.

Photo Credit: Jordan Munns.
Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of FOXPRESSION.