It’s Electrifying: Opening Night of Grease in Melbourne

Opening night for the new production of GREASE at Her Majesty’s Theatre in Melbourne was a nostalgic rollercoaster that transcended generations. My Plus One and I were immersed in the energy of Rydell High, and found ourselves transported back to the heyday of leather jackets, slicked-back hair, and irresistible charm.

The cast’s performances breathed new life into the iconic characters. Keanu Gonzalez, as the bad boy Kenickie, brought a rebellious edge, while Lucy Fraser’s portrayal of perky Patty Simcox added a delightful touch of innocence. The chemistry among the Pink Ladies, led by Catty Hamilton as Frenchy and Caitlin Spears as Jan, was infectious, capturing the camaraderie that makes GREASE timeless.

The T-Birds, portrayed by Andy Seymour, Harry Targett, and Tom Davis, effortlessly carried the swagger of the iconic gang. Their rendition of “Greased Lightnin'” was a high-octane spectacle that had the audience dancing in their seats.

Annelise Hall as Sandy and Joseph Spanti as Danny delivered a captivating performance, balancing the sweet innocence of young love with the rebellious spirit of the era. Mackenzie Dunn’s portrayal of Rizzo and Brianna Bishop’s Marty added depth to the female ensemble, showcasing the resilience and sass of the Pink Ladies.

Patti Newton as Miss Lynch and Jay Laga’aia as Vince Fontaine were crowd favorites, but our hearts stopped for the one and only Marcia Hines as Teen Angel, which we will leave the details for you to witness at the show.

The production’s attention to detail, from dazzling costumes to intelligent set designs, recreated the 1950s with flair. The musical numbers, featuring classics like “Summer Nights” and “You’re The One That I Want,” had members of the audience singing along, creating an experience that celebrated the film’s musical legacy.

Beyond the stage, it was wonderful to hear about the collaboration with the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre, which will see Wednesday night performances dedicated to the Pink Lady’s, with fundraising activities for the centre. The nights will feature a DJ from 5.30pm to soak up the atmosphere of your very own prom night.

GREASE at Her Majesty’s Theatre was a time-traveling experience. The cast’s infectious enthusiasm, coupled with the timeless soundtrack, made for a night that celebrated the joy, energy, and enduring appeal of this beloved musical. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a newcomer to Rydell High, GREASE is a must-see for anyone seeking a dose of pure, electrifying fun.

– Brenton

Grease is now showing for a strictly limited season Her Majesty’s Theatre in Melbourne. Get your tickets here.

Photo Credit: Supplied.
Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Jessica Bendell Publicity.