Seoul Garden BBQ Ignites Docklands

The Plus Ones were invited to the opening night of Seoul Garden BBQ Restaurant in Docklands and it was an unforgettable experience. From the moment we stepped in, the delicious aroma of sizzling Korean BBQ greeted us.

The event was hosted by Australian actor and singer, Totti Goldsmith. Her energy added a star-studded touch to the evening. Totti welcomed us all to the venue, and introduced us to the owners, who were passionate about the quality of produce they have secured for the restaurant. 

Image credit: Sam Tabone

The all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ buffet is a food lover’s dream come true. The spread was authentic and delicious, featuring a variety of premium wagyu, marinated meats, fresh vegetables, and flavorful sauces. The interactive grilling experience allowed us to customize our dishes to perfection, adding to the overall enjoyment of the evening.

Seoul Garden is fantastic value, at only $49.90 for an adult for dinner, and $43.90 for lunch. The price incudes a range of hot food, deserts, and soups.

Image credit: Sam Tabone

Our highlight of the night was the performance by the talented K-pop dancers. Their energetic moves and synchronized choreography brought the room to life, creating a party vibe in the restaurant. It was a treat for K-pop enthusiasts like myself.

Image credit: Sam Tabon

The cocktails were well-crafted, complementing the flavors of the BBQ dishes perfectly. The blend of savory food, refreshing drinks, and entertainment made the night truly memorable.

We left Seoul Garden with more than satisfied bellies and a heart full of excitement. The event was a celebration of Korean cuisine, music, and dancing. We are already planning our returning with a group of friends.

Seoul Garden is located at The District Docklands, Level 1/14 Star Circus

-The Plus Ones

Disclaimer: The Plus Ones were guests of HRPR.

Photo credit: Sam Tabone