Âme (Live) and CC:DISCO! Blow the Dome off The Royal Exhibition Building

On Saturday Melbourne’s historic Royal Exhibition Building was transformed into a portal to the future for UNTITLED Co-Presents: Âme (Live) + George FitzGerald + CC:DISCO! + Ayebatonye + dameeeela.

It kicked off an exhilarating two-week ride as part of Now or Never, a larger-than-life festival that celebrates Melbourne’s love of sound, digital art, innovation, and the boundless possibilities they inspire. It was a fitting venue for the opening weekend, setting the stage for what’s to come during the remainder of festival.

UNTITLED know a thing or two about hosting world-class electronic music events in venues that are being used (categorically) for the first time. Their guidance was evident through the sound engineering and lighting expertise required to do justice to the space. My plus one and I realised just how lucky we were to be there on this historic night.

As we walked through the immersive instillations on our way to the entrance, there was an unreal excitement in the air — a collective anticipation for the journey that awaited us.

Melbourne’s queen of dancefloor shenanigans, CC:DISCO!, brought unadulterated joy to her homecoming performance, effortlessly blending infectious grooves and timeless classics, igniting a dance floor frenzy that had the entire crowd moving. She injected an eclectic and bold energy into the mix, defying genre boundaries. Her fearless approach to sound captured our hearts and minds with every beat.

Âme took the punters on a trip that defied our expectations. His manipulation of beats and melodies left the crowd in awe, entranced by the sonic tapestry he wove throughout his set.  As the clock struck 11pm, the dance floor was left buzzing with the echoes of the night’s magic. We departed with hearts full of euphoria and memories that will last a lifetime.

This was more than just an event; it was a testament to the unifying power of electronic music and its ability to create moments of pure happiness and escapism. The night proved one thing for sure, the Royal Exhibition Building knows how to party, don’t let this be the first and only time!

Now or Never is running until 2 September 2023. For more information and the full program, visit the festival’s website here.

-The Plus Ones