Treat yourself this lockdown with Glazed Gluten-Free Patisserie

Follow your heart to Elsternwick, and there, down Carre Street, you will find Glazed: a gluten-free patisserie that has been showing the world that gluten-free and vegan treats don’t have to be side pieces on a menu.

We had the pleasure of trying their goodies, both sweet and savoury alike. Our opinions? Well, we loved them! Let’s go through some of our favourites.

Let’s start with the savoury: soft yet crunchy, and perfectly seasoned, the mushroom and potato pastry was a delight I’d love to take on a picnic. Or for lunch at work. Anywhere, really – it was delicious!

The same can be said for their Brazilian cheese bread. Authentic, gooey, and soft, it was hard to believe it was both dairy and gluten-free! That innovation is at the heart of Glazed.

“I push myself beyond the boundaries of what a ‘typical’ patisserie tends to offer. I’m constantly innovating and coming up with flavour combinations and artisan bakes which all coeliacs and people with food intolerances can consume and enjoy just like everyone else without intolerances. There are no limits on where innovation and creativity can transport you to!” Says Chef Liran Adika, the man behind the wonders. Trained under Shannon Bennett of Vue de Monde fame, he now creates cakes, bread and savoury delights that everyone can enjoy.

What of the sweet delights? Well, we loved those too.

The apple turnover was sweet, crunchy, and soft, with the cinnamon pairing perfectly with the apple and pastry.

The chocolate mousse was rich and decadent, with lovely cacao notes and smooth chocolate cream.

The Krembos were delicious and easy to eat up, with perfect crumbly biscuits, and marshmallow fluff that melts in the mouth.

That’s not all, however, as the celebration box was decorated with other goodies: crunchy and sweet honeycomb; soft, sweet meringue, and crunchy homemade biscuits, all of which paired delightfully with the other desserts in the box.

Everything we had was delicious, whether it was savoury or sweet. It was inspiring to see such inventive and delicious desserts, and it truly shows that ‘vegan’ and ‘gluten-free’ can simply be descriptive labels, rather than challenges or set-backs.

Glazed also does more than just provide flavoursome desserts. Since the beginning of Covid-19, they have been giving away meals and celebration boxes to medical front liners, as a way of thanking them for their hard work.

So if you’re looking for delicious savoury and sweet treats during lockdown, and are looking to support a business that’s been actively supporting the community, why not consider Glazed Gluten-Free Patisserie? All their goodies are free from gluten, dairy and nuts, and can be made vegan upon request.

– Daniela

Daniela Koulikov is a freelance writer who loves pastries and getting creative. 

If you’re interested in ordering a box, take a look at Glazed’s website.

The Plus Ones were invited guests of Glazed.
Image credit: supplied.