Gift with love with the Indoor Plant Co

Gift buying is hard, but if you know the recipient is a fan of plants, it just got a bit easier. Meet the Indoor Plant Co, a Melbourne-based online gift delivery service giving you the opportunity to send a living gift to your loved ones.

We were lucky enough to have their Plant Lovers Gift Pack delivered. Immediately, we could tell that it was packed with love: wrapped in Australian-designed, sustainably sourced wrapping paper, and containing a real delight of a gift pack.

Inside was a gorgeous philodendron, leafy and green, sitting in a white ceramic pot. Accompanying him was ‘Little Book, BIG Plants’ by Emma Sibley, a vintage style glass mister, rustic indoor plant scissors, Doctor Plant Liquid Plant Food, and a bag of cookies that won’t last long in my house.

As someone who’s new to being a plant mum, I’m especially looking forward to reading the book, which teaches us how to care for houseplants, giving us the opportunity to look after and nurture them correctly, and take them to the next level.

From plants to pots, it’s also worth noting that there’s a lot of flexibility in the Indoor Plant Co’s gift packs. If your recipient is a plant-lover with an interest in coffee, the Coffee Lovers Gift Pack is an alluring option.

Similarly to the Plant Lovers Gift Pack, the Coffee Lovers can be customised. Although I liked the white pot, you might prefer a rose pink, moss green, coral, black or light grey. As for the plant, that’s also customisable: take your pick from a variety of lush indoor plants.

Just as the Plant Lovers Gift Pack came with goodies, so does the Coffee Lovers: the Kavari Organic Coffee Body Scrub, 200g of the Honeybird Locals Blend ground coffee, a pack of Chocovia Milk Chocolate coated coffee beans, and my personal favourite, a coffee cup candle. Let it burn, and at the end, you’ll have a gorgeous enamel cup that you can use to drink coffee!

With all the gift packs, you can choose to add something extra, whether that’s a bottle of bubbly, or Larry the Sheep Toy.

Ultimately, I couldn’t help but be in awe of the Indoor Plant Co’s gift packs and overall message. The idea that indoor plants make the perfect gift, because they grow with you and allow you to connect with nature, rang true. So whether you’re looking for a gift for a birthday, promotion or another special event, I’d recommend the Indoor Plant Co.

– Daniela

Daniela Koulikov is a freelance writer who loves all things nature and movie related. You can follow her at @danikoul.

To pick up a gift pack, or to check out what other goodies the Indoor Plant Co sells, check out their website.

The Plus Ones were invited guests of the Indoor Plant Co.
Image credit: supplied.