Sustainable Wine Without the Wank: Glou Opens on Smith Street

Want something fun for your holiday festivities? Stop by Glou, Smith Street’s newest bottle shop/tasting room/wine bar for wine on tap — sold by the growler or the glass.

There’s a rainbow of red, white, rose, and orange wines on tap and a wall filled with bottles of various sizes for take-away. My weekday wine buddy and I loved the venue’s ‘try before you buy approach’ and in addition pouring quality wines, the two founders are also serving up quality conversation.

The duo behind the venue have 30 years of fine dining and wine retail experience between them, but they are passionate, not pretentious, about their products. Sommelier Ron Davis and partner Rahel Goldmann have a personal relationship with each of the winemakers on tap. Ron can paint a picture of winemaker Philip Lobley’s self-sufficient farm or get technical about the ‘gunk’ used to oxidise Galli Vineyard’s Sunbury Chardonnay, whilst Rahel’s enthusiasm for sustainability is contagious. Every keg of wine poured saves the equivalent of forty glass bottles. Customers wishing to take wine home with them can choose from 500mL, 1000mL or 2000mL growlers and they are encouraged to bring their empty bottle back into the store to be sanitised and refilled, or provided with a rebate.

Glou is a place where wine is more about starting a conversation than a menu with a million tasting notes. When describing Dirty Black Denim’s Cowabunga, we heard how Ron and Rachel first met sharing a bottle (or several) of the DBD’s wine and the tasting notes were happily summed up as, ‘its f*cking joyous.’

Keep an eye out for industry tastings with winemakers, masterclasses, winemaking events and negronis on tap in the stripped-back bottleshop/bar.

– Jenny
Jenny S loves the magic of fermentation and supporting local producers.
310 Smith Street
Collingwood VIC 3066

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Milk Bottle Projects
Images: Supplied