Poof Doof Parties ‘All Night Long’ with Dj Casey Leaver

Poof Doof invited The Plus Ones down to their new event series All Night Long featuring Casey Leaver. All Night Long was born out of the admiration Poof Doof has for its regular local DJ’s that bring in the crowds week-in week-out. The night is a marathon 8-hour open-to-close set, curated by the local DJ, featuring back-to-back sets and special guest artists.

Poof Doof

There was no doubt why Casey was chosen to kick things off, this lady has been bringing her energetic array of killer baselines to Melbourne’s dance floors for years. Casey has developed a cult following with her sets that meticulously mix everything from disco classics to banging dark techno… and girl did she deliver!

The Plus Ones were given the VIP treatment by the amazing Poof Doof team with a prime balcony spot to view all the fabulous shenanigans below (although we were constantly enticed back to the front left speaker to boogie!)

Casey Leaver @ Poof Doof

Some of our most rated moments of the night were when she was joined by her special guests which included live vocals from Angelina, Simon Milan on guitar and B2B sets with DJs Adam Trace and Miss Minutes. Casey had total control over the night’s proceedings and she was able to flex her creative prowess and eye for detail.

Casey Leaver & Angelina @ Poof Doof

Casey also surprised us with three outfit changes by the boys from CAMP BY CHANCE who specialise in unique vintage gear that had her looking like the total rock star she is.

The Plus Ones can’t wait to see what All Night Long has next in store for us, but in the meantime we are totally pumped for the upcoming HALLOQUEEN BALL featuring Sneaky Sound System, Owl Eyes, Joel Creasey and a whole load of other spooky guests who are set to freak the beat at The Forum.


Be sure to follow Casey Leaver on Instagram @caseyleavermusic

-Brenton Spink
is The Plus Ones resident party animal, you can find him regularly climbing the cage at Rev’s or cutting shapes at festivals across the country.

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Poof Doof
Images: Molly Harris & Poof Doof