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The Butterfly Club Spring Launch 2017

Jump into The Butterfly Club this spring and be prepared to shake out your woolies and laugh your way into the new season with a show and a cocktail. Here’s my top picks for The Butterfly Club spring program September –November 2017.

ELIZABETH 18- 24 of September

This show will blow you away. The sassy and sexy voice of Lisa Crawley has come back to the Butterfly Club to perform for us in her new show Elizabeth. A series of revealing and cheeky stories that she has mustered up from singing and playing piano in hotel foyers. A great evening of schmooze taunts! I highly recommend it.


UGLY DUCKLING 18-24 of September

This is a modern reimagining of the classic fable, where Duckie is moulded into a D-Grade socialite. This show is a quirky twisted tale and full of pop cultural innuendos. I highly recommend you go see Karla HIllam shred with gusto her fractured fairytale and show off her comic flair.

IT’S NOT ME, IT’S LOU 25 September -1 of October

Lou is a quintessential millennial. A known perennial millennial. Born in the nineties she is a social media product. Lou explores her Facebook destroying credentials and has based her show on the ludicrous accounts and amounts of Facebook feed. A voice to be reckoned with, makes ‘It’s Not Me,It’s Lou’ a must see show.


Bond the name’s James Bond. A cheeky and hilariously humorous look into the casting of the Bond films over the ages. A one -hour comedy show with singing to tickle you pink with a bunch of banal statistics about the many Bond’s. How many women did James Bond sleep with? Which Bond are we talking about? This hilariously punchy sketchy comedy is guaranteed to take you where you have never been before in pure Bond style. I highly recommend the ride.

belting bond

MADWOMEN MONOLOGUES 31 of October – 5 of November

A collection of vibrant and colorful stories that transcend the banalities of everyday life and reflect the powerful and vulnerable. Madwomen Monologues have been performing their eclectic works for the past seven years. They continue to amaze and enrich your theatre experience with confronting and surprising theatre. Highly recommended.

Flora is a freelance writer and reviewer.

The season program begins 6 September runs until 12 of November.
The Butterfly Club venue is at 5 Carson Place, off Little Collins St, CBD.
Tickets can be purchased at the venue.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests by The Butterfly Club.
Image credit: Courtesy of The Butterfly Club, Stano Murin.