‘The You Piligrimage’ with The Boon Companions

Most people would find it very difficult to switch off from the demands of the day and take the time to reflect and think about themselves for a while. Fortunately, The Boon Companions seem to be all too aware of this and with their new immersive and interactive live art event ‘The You Pilgrimage‘, have provided people with an opportunity to have a break from the craziness of life.

This was the third event by The Boon Companions which I have attended and while their silent party and their 1920s literary themed event were highly memorable, The You Pilgrimage surpassed all these with the truly unique and entertaining opportunities of self-love and self-reflection experienced during our excursion through Fitzroy.

the boon companions you pilgrimage

Upon arriving at our destination – only made known to us 24 hours prior – I complete three tasks: have my tarot read, write a love letter to myself and receive my individual mantra for the day, all while I enjoy a nice glass of port. Once I am done and ready to officially begin my pilgrimage, my plus one and I receive a clue to our next destination.

Each stop along the way helps us to think about love and its various meanings and applications. While some of it can be seen as silly fun, such as taking a selfie on the wall of love with a man wearing a glittering gold leotard, there are some honest connections and moments of realisation to be had.

the boon companions you pilgrimage

Part of the fun of a Boon Companions event is the uncertainty and the unknown of what to expect and giving yourself over to whatever has been planned for us. With ‘The You Pilgrimage’, this included a you-ga class that simultaneously released our inner child while reaching into our soul and then later belting out Whitney Houston’s ‘I Will Always Love You” (among other songs) with a roomful of strangers at a karaoke venue. They ask a lot from their participants by having us open ourselves up but fortunately the trust we place in them is returned with great rewards.

the boon companions you pilgrimage

The Boon Companions are certainly making a name for themselves with the constantly amazing work they create. Their immersive and interactive shows are focused on connecting people and creating a community and ‘The You Pilgrimage’ is without a doubt the strongest example of this yet, as it allowed us to share experiences  – some personal, some communal – with people who are initially complete strangers to us. While it might be cheesy to say, ‘The You Pilgrimage’ was very much about going on a journey,  but what an amazing journey it was.

 – Myron
My is an avid theatre and live art attendee and reviewer who is busy mentally preparing himself for the upcoming Melbourne International Film Festival. @myronmy9

‘The You Pilgrimage’ was performed on Sunday 2 July 2017. For information on future events, follow The Boon Companions on Facebook and Instagram

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of The Boon Companions.
Image Credit: Suzanne Pheonix