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The Clothes Loop – A Responsible Fashion Launch Party

In the heart of palpably trendy Brunswick, Rose Duong’s label, social enterprise, and fledgling start-up ‘Clothes Loop’ debuted to much fanfare and anticipation.

How long does the thrill of buying a new item of clothing last? That hit of dopamine that you get when you pick up a new top, does it last beyond the third wear? Because Rose Duong identified that, whilst this feeling is amazing, the disposable nature of modern fashion means that getting a fix is seldom responsible, ethical, or financially wise. Enter The Clothes Loop.

clothes loop

The notion behind The Clothes Loop is simple yet ingenious. Fashionistas who want a fresh look but are conscious about the environment and their purses can sign up and share clothing with other similarly sized humans. It’s the sharing economy, for fashion.

There were several items on display at the party. I was struck by how versatile they were, both in the sense that they would look completely at home in many locations, and versatile because one of the natural challenges to sharing clothing will be that it needs to be designed in such a way that it will fit the widest range of body sizes. I kept imagining the designs looking totally at ease strolling up and down Smith Street, or even being worn as cocktail attire to a corporate event with the appropriate accessories.

The combination of an awesome launch party, a cracking idea brimming with socially responsibility and Rose Duong’s effortless charm and charisma fills me with confidence that this idea really has the chance to become something great.

Go and take a look at the facebook shop here.


– Rian
Rian C is a lawyer who passionately believes that the new and improved Barbecue and Pizza Shapes flavours are much better than the originals.