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Johnnie Walker’s Penthouse Grand Prix Party

The Johnnie Walker Grand Prix Penthouse Party was definitely a place to be seen. Held at the Emerson, the guests walking the black carpet and posing at the media wall were being snapped. Scotch Whisky Cocktails from Johnnie Walker were offered on arrival after a walk up to the Emerson Rooftop. Created with pineapple, sugar crystals and lime, these whisky cocktails were quite divine.

DJ Jamie Vale set the tone with old school 90s favourites to get us in the mood. Canapes circulated the room, refreshing prawn and watermelon bites along with ricotta tarts carefully crafted with edible petals.

The centre table tops were the spotlight, with gymnasts dressed in metallic gold jumpsuits covered in golden spikes performing acrobatic routines. They appeared to be flexible reptilians of glitter and gold, entertaining the crowd with contortionist skills. Definitely a crowd pleasing event that everyone had to get a snap of to share on their Insta story.

A perfect autumn evening to top off the day at the Grand Prix.


Sheena Reyes is an actress, writer and filmmaker.  Follow her on Instagram @sheenareyes

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Helen Reizer PR.
Image Credit: Facebook.