Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2017: Desperate and Dateless by Ginger and Tonic

Desperate and Dateless is performed by not one lady in red, but a quartet! Ginger and Tonic are pitch perfect with excellent musical and comedic timing. Coopers Malthouse is the ideal venue for these talented and well-rehearsed divas. The show opened with a dark stage, the clop of high heels followed by engaging a cappella melodies sung in pure, clear, beautiful voices.

The songs ranged from classics like Peggy Lee’s infamous Fever to modern day favourites such as Rhianna’s Umbrella. Umbrella with a twist, that is. The clever lyric changes have become and humorous earworms. ‘I can be your Tinderella, ella, ella’ is but one.

Throughout the show the ladies narrate and explain, with excellent facial expressions, why they are single. Employing classic stereotypes and lines such as ‘I’m not picky, but…’ They also explain what they are looking for in a man and sing about what characteristics they are not looking which was hilarious. It definitely describes the horrors of dating that we can all relate to.

At the end of the show, my plus one turned to me and enthused ‘Well that was fun!’ And indeed it was. Desperate and Dateless has everything you’re looking for in a musical comedy show: extremely talented vocalists, witty banter to make you giggle, gorgeous women and a little bit of audience participation (but not too much for the shyer folks among us).

Importantly, being single is not a prerequisite to seeing this great show.

– Cara
Cara has long hair, long legs and a long association with all things arty, crafty, colourful and fun!

Desperate and Dateless runs 30 March–9 April 2017, Tues–Sat 8.15pm, Sun 7.15pm at The Coopers Malthouse. Book tickets now.
The venue is accessible, is equipped with a Hearing Assistance System and accepts Companion Cards.

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Sassy Red PR.
Image credit: James Terry Photography.