Melbourne Fringe: ‘Castles’

Castles is one of those performances that defies reviews. A cross-artform conundrum that incorporates song, dance, theatre and visual art, ‘Castles’ refuses to fit into any one category. Even its content is difficult to define. Trying to describe what this show is actually about is almost impossible. Its power lies in the overall experience.

But that certainly is one of the things that makes it so interesting, albeit somewhat strange and confusing. I’m not the only one that thinks so, either. ‘Castles’ picked up two awards at the New Zealand Fringe Festival and was nominated for four more.

A one-woman show created and performed by Eliza Sanders, ‘Castles’ begins with a semi-naked Eliza grabbing abruptly at her flesh and trying to force her body into positions that look both uncomfortable and demanding. What follows is a fascinating 45-minute exploration into a multitude of stories and personalities (although it is unclear whether they belong to one character or several different ones). We watch as Eliza brings together the logical and illogical, the serious and the absurd, the real and the imaginary.

That Eliza has a commanding stage presence and her talent, both as a singer and a dancer, is obvious to see. Some may find her stream-of-consciousness style monologues a little too random and nonsensical, but ‘Castles’ isn’t designed to be straightforward. There are moments of real hilarity and poignancy. An example of experimental art at its best; this is what Fringe is all about.

– Charlotte
Charlotte Pordage is a writer/editor from the UK. When she’s not attending events, she can be found riding her horse Oscar and exploring Melbourne’s eclectic nightlife. @charpordage

‘Castles’ runs from 27th September- 1st October at Gasworks Arts Park, Albert Park. Visit their website to find out more.

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Image credit: Melbourne Fringe.