Exitus Escape Room at Strike Melbourne Central

If you are a fan of being locked in a room with six of your nearest and dearest (or perhaps your enemies) and solving puzzles to escape an evil computer intent on destroying you then this is the escape room for you. Exitus, is located at Strike Melbourne Central and is like no other escape room experience in Australia.

While we are no strangers to being blindfolded and placed in a small rooms (this isn’t our first escape room experience), Exitus really takes it to another level. Upon entry the clock starts – we only have 50 minutes to get out and the pressure is on.


The setting is a computer lab and you are scientists who have been chosen to save the Exitus program. It’s clear from the start that this room has been impeccably designed. It’s a sci-fi lovers paradise complete with flashy buttons.

Going in with a winners attitude we soon realised that this was going to be much more of a challenge than expected. Panicking slightly, we fumbled our way through the puzzles seeing patterns and meaning in everything.  Teamwork is a huge factor in this escape room so choose your accomplices wisely.

With time beginning to run out we were faced with our inevitable doom. Frantically dashing from room to room, trying to crack the last puzzle, we had given into the moment. We had lost ourselves in the game and as such emerged as failures.

Exitus 2

Luckily Strike had a well stocked bar and large selection of food to choose from while we discussed how to beat Exitus next time. And want to you will! This exhilarating escape room will leave you hungry for more.

If you are a seasoned escape artist or just looking for something new to do, Exitus is an exciting and engaging experience you shouldn’t miss.

– Sidonie
Sidonie is an out of work archeologist, whose favourite past times include eating and napping.

Exidus Escape Room is at Strike Melbourne Central. Bookings can be made online and are recommended. This venue is accessible, however the escape room is not wheelchair accessible. 

Disclaimer: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Strike Entertainment.