Frankly Winehouse

Frankly Winehouse

One of my claims to fame is that I once saw Amy Winehouse in the flesh walking down Carnaby Street in London. I’ve seen the documentary film “Amy” and followed some of her relentless media coverage so I know a little of the back story. As to how accurate these sources are, that is another matter. I was intrigued to find out more at the tribute cabaret Frankly Winehouse.

Written and performed by Ashleigh Kreveld, this is a funny show and really does seem to bring Amy back to life, beehive, cockney accent, eyeliner and all. It features some of her well- known hits as well as a few covers and Ashleigh has a strong voice with a similar tone to Winehouse, perfect for the jazz numbers.

There is a lot of repartee with the audience (hold onto your drinks!) as “Amy” retells her life and casts comments on fellow celebrities and artists. Some of the performances are staged as key performances in Amy’s life, such as her disastrous European concert tour or her more successful Brit Awards performance.

I like to think that Amy’s persona is well presented in the show – a young woman with wit, passion, and talent who simply wanted to write music and sing, without all the fame that accompanied her stardom.

I learnt that Amy’s first album, like her second Back to Black, was also written about an ex-boyfriend (not Blake) and that it was not drugs that killed her but alcohol (allegedly).

I felt the documentary left a stronger mark on me as to the role of the paparazzi in Amy’s demise and make for a more tragic story. However, this is an upbeat two- person act which in an hour entertains and informs the audience and leaves us hoping Amy has found the peace she craved.

– Rachel
Celebrating 4 years living in Melbourne, Rachel is a fan of theatre, food, the outdoors and all things new and exciting.

Frankly Winehouse” runs 3 August – 6 August 2016 at the National Theatre.

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Ashleigh Kreveld.