Melbourne Fringe Review: Frankly Winehouse

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I have been to the ‘Winehouse’ bar in Camden, London. This and the ‘Rehab‘ song were really my only connection and knowledge of Amy Winehouse. Ashleigh Kreveld’s performance changed all of this.

She takes you on a journey of Winehouse’s life which begins as 16 year old Amy, a star struck teenager thrust into the world’s limelight. Who can prepare you for this? No one really. There is a sense of inevitability, the spiral into drugs, alcoholism and wrenching relationships.

Kreveld’s voice is powerful and her style is on point. I couldn’t believe that she had gone to the effort of painstakingly copying all of Winehouse’s tattoos. There are moments of banter, but the songs are the real draw card. There’s almost a dozen in total for a one hour show. If you’re a Winehouse fan you want to be here. If not, it’s a great opportunity to learn a bit more about the character whose life, like so many before her came to a premature end.

My plus one for the night put it better than I can, ‘I didn’t really know much about Amy Winehouse before the show, but now I’m going to go and get her album’.

– Rukmal
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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of the performer.