Nussy at Workers Club

Nussy at Workers Club

No better way to loosen up a Saturday night than at The Workers Club to get a glimpse of local Melbourne artist Nussy release her new jam.  This talented lady is touring Australia with a strong set of eargasmic tunes.  While Nussy’s home turf is Hawthorn, I was lucky to catch her in the bosom of Fitzroy at The Workers Club.  This venue never disappoints and always serves the upper tier of touchable artists. What do I mean by that?  Monster artists in intimate arenas can’t be beat and stellar live artists are hard to find so close to home. With opening acts BATTS and Tetrahedra, it was night for the books.  

Nussy’s sound is dreamy electro pop, but don’t classify her as she is a stand-alone music prowess. Nussy has her own new unique musical flare. The distinctive synth paid a slight homage to the 80’s, though the vocals and guitar kept modern and pulls you in. With the supporting duo of Nelson on the guitar and Besty on the synthesizer/percussion pad, beautiful harmonies radiated.  The trio’s stage presence was palatable and served plenty of cool flowy vibes. The band has been playing for a few years, but they have a solid synergy that takes decades for some to master.    

Nussy is graceful with delicate movements yet her appearance is totally bad-ass.  She had florescent glitter markings on her face and rocked a neon plush jacket.  I can best describe her as an intergalactic fairy alien.  I wanted to reach out and touch her.  That’s how her sensuous new single “Body Talk,” makes you feel.   The come-hither sound of the synthesizer and smooth beats makes you want to pull someone close for a stroke.  Nussy’s tracks of many slow, but hot relationship burns tell a story that inspires a certain sultry mystic mood.  

Perfect timing for the song release, as there has been a resurgence of the 80’s and I couldn’t help but to compare the chords on her latest track to a riff you could hear on the TV show “Stranger Things.”  Her microphone wrapped in Christmas lights, Nussy was a beautiful creature from another planet, a force to be reckoned with.  You can’t help but to surrender to her melodic trance.  I’m am one of the many that have been swallowed by this Netflix hit and if you are too, indulge in Nussy.  

Fun fact: Nussy’s real name is Danielle Smarrelli.  Yes, she’s a rockstar that pens tunes but she’s also a writer for The Plus Ones.

Leah Sparks is a Canadian girl living in Melbourne.  Other than her love for maple syrup, she digs the outdoors, live gigs, beer, the 70s and cruising around town with her white wolf.

Get more of Nussy’s music on her Soundcloud, and follow her on Facebook.

Disclaimer: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Nussy.
Photo credit: Nussy.