Friday Nights at the NGV with Degas

Friday Nights at the NGV are back for the Edgar Degas exhibit. I found my new drinking buddy on Friday at the exhibit. Her name is Ellen André, she’s an actress, and she likes absinthe. She also posed for a notorious painting by Edgar Degas titled ‘In a Café (The Absinthe Drinker)’ in 1875.

Degas at NGV

The comprehensive retrospective spans the artist’s early work through to the last dated painting he signed. While perhaps best known for his impressionist paintings of ballerinas, Degas’ sculptures, prints, photographs, and early copying work are all on display as well. A single adult ticket for the exhibit is $28. Bump that up to $30 for the Friday Night event and you get live music, a pop-up bar serving beer and wine, plus my personal favourite: no school groups. (Don’t worry, mums, dads, and nippers. In addition to the Friday Night events, there will also be talks, a drawing workshop, and ballerinas recreating the poses in the paintings.)

NGV Fridays
Friday Nights at the NGV gives Melburnians an incentive to go out this winter. The Great Hall provides a lovely setting for live music. Plus it’s warm and dry under its colourful stained glass ceiling.

Jenny S. loves being the first to know about all the cool events in Melbourne.

Friday Nights at NGV for Degas: A New Vision runs through 16 September 2016 at the National Gallery of Victoria (180 St. Kilda Road, Melbourne). Tickets are $30 in advance, $35 at the door.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of the NGV.
Photo credit: NGV and Jenny S.