Metropolis New Music Festival: ‘Sensuality in the City’

I was lucky enough to attend one of the most sought after events at the Metropolis New Music Festival, ‘Sensuality in the City’ presented by the Forest Collective at the Melbourne Recital Centre with visual elements by local artist  Jake Preval.

Darkness falls. Soft notes begin to fill the room. The anticipation from the audience is palpable. Suddenly torchlight focuses on the baritone. He starts reciting with passion and intensity until suspense can no longer be maintained. Bamm! Darkness falls again.

This was no ordinary performance, this was something else. I was captivated from start to finish.

There was so much diversity and emotional pull, and t’he program was as diverse as it was engaging. The program included:

  • Philip Venables –F**k Forever
  • Marc Yates – Lines and Distances(Australian premiere)
  • Robert Schumann – Im wunderschoenen Monat Maiin a new arrangement for Soprano voice and ensemble by Evan Lawson
  • Franz Schubert – Ganymedein a new arrangement for Baritone voice and ensemble by Alexander Morris Gerfrone Thranen in a new arrangement for Baritone voice and ensemble by Evan Lawson
  • George Apherghis – Recitation No.9
  • Evan Lawson – Himeros(world premiere)
  • Philip Venables –Fight Music(Australian premiere)

One of the most amazing moments of the night for me was when Rosemary Ball performed ‘Recitation No. 9’ in German. Even though I do not speak a word of German I felt the essence and audaciousness of the words. The performance from Christian Gillett also inspired me with his rendition of Ganymede.

The Forest Collective took me on an extraordinary journey through desire, sex, and confusion and I could write many pages exploring the different works they performed and about the talented ensemble. It was a memorable journey with an ending of delicate floating notes of the cello, quietly fading away. Softly. Softly.

Until only silence remained.

Angela Hogan, lover of all things musical and life.

The Metropolis New Music Festival runs 9-21 May 2016. Visit the Melbourne Recital Centre and Forest Collective for more wondrous events.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of the Melbourne Recital Centre.
Photo credit: Metropolis New Music Festival.