Winestyle Autumn Wine Market at The Botanical

Is there anything better than wine tasting with a side of barbecue? I certainly could not think of many things I would rather pair on a Saturday afternoon. The Botanical was the perfect place to do so as they hosted Winestyle’s Autumn Wine Market.

It need not be said that The Botanical is placed by many as one of South Yarra’s premier food and wine venues. In hosting Winestyle’s Autumn Wine Market, they did not disappoint. From the moment my plus one and I walked in, the mood was well and truly set by the dim lighting and jazz band playing from one corner of the room.

We took our empty tasting glasses from the bar and looked at each other in search of a game plan. The entire venue was bustling with wine enthusiasts and, as promised, there was wine a-plenty.  Where to start? The closest merchant of course! Working our way through the network of wineries, we tasted everything from Sauvignon Blanc to Rose to Pinot Noir to Shiraz — and everything in between.

While I am definitely no wine connoisseur, I love my wines and absolutely had some favourites from the bunch. I adored the Clover Hill Cuvee Rose NV from Robert Oatley with is ultra fine bubbles and the 2015 Rose from Handpicked Wines was a favourite of my lucky plus one, who just adores everything pink.  Another choice wine was the Oldcock & Swear Jar 2015 Shiraz (and not just because of the name!). However, my absolute standout for the day was the Fat Bastard 2015 Pinot Noir from the Red + White table.  It was light, easy to drink, and just a delight on the palate.

To finish, we scored a sausage in bread from the resident Botanical barbecue and a seat in the Saturday afternoon sun. What more could we ask for?

– Danielle
Danielle is a singer-songwriter whose entire livelihood relies on the quality of the wine that surrounds her.

The Botanical hosts many great events throughout the year, including their famous Oyster Frenzy. Visit their what’s on page and Facebook to keep in the loop.

The Winter Wine Market will be held Saturday 23rd July from 2-5pm at The Botanical, 169 Domain Rd. South Yarra.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of The Botanical.
Photo credit: The Botanical.