Brunswick Music Festival 2016: Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro

Trading the green and Guinness on St Patricks Day for a Japanese funk/soul/jazz band may seem like a daring decision, but one that I can safely say I do not regret.

This particular night was at Howler, as part of the Brunswick Music Festival, and featured an array of pretty damn delightful talent. The musical theme was of a disco/jazz/funk/soul kinda vibe, and it’s safe to say that at $40 a ticket, everyone in the crowd was genuinely into every last beat.

Unfortunately, due to confusion with the door lists, my plus one and I missed the entire first act, Melbourne made, South American roots band Madre Monte, which was quite disappointing. Fortunately we were able to make it in by the time second act, Sugar Fed Leopards, took to the stage.

Sugar Fed Leopards hail from Melbourne and it’s well worth keeping an eye on them to try and catch them for yourself, even if just for the glitter and sparkle of their costumes. Sugar Fed Leopards were literally just fun to watch! Not to mention very talented, busting some excellent dance moves, and featuring a female drummer and bass player. All things that make up the equation for greatness, made even greater by a member of the crowd busting out some breakdancing.

Japan’s Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro was definitely a great coup for the Brunswick Music Festival. Six guys on stage, with an array of amazing hats, and oozing a no-effort-required-we-are-just-awesome-pheromone cannot go wrong, to be honest. My plus one began to feel a sense of deja-vu, sure she had seen them elsewhere, at the same time losing it over how amazingly talented they were. Her brother is a soul/funk/disco DJ, so her exposure to such music is high, consequently to be this impressed is a gold star for sure. With my feet sticking to the floor (not going to hide it, came home with someone else’s hair stuck to my shoes) my dance moves became very awkward shuffles, but my fist pumping was at an all time high.

Maddie Kilby is a freelance writer amongst many vocations and is the type of person who gets bored easily and likes to find herself in weird places doing weird things. You can follow her at @MadKil6.

Check out Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro’s website for further tour details, and Howler for other great shows.