Our favourite events of February

The last official month of summer (noooo!) saw us running all over town hitting up events left and right. Melbourne never seems to slow down, and neither do we. Here were some of our favourite events from February.

Dumbo Feather issue #42 launch party

Dumbo Feather is the coolest magazine in Melbourne (and we’re not just saying that cuz we’re friends with its art director). We last went to their issues #38 launch party in St. Kilda in March — how time flies. This time it was held at The Testing Grounds, the coolest hidden space you’ve never been to. The team knows how to throw a good bash. There was food galore (including handmade potato salad from the DF team), beautiful people, drinks from the TG bar, and of course, the gorgeous magazine to ogle. –Theresa

Theresa (middle) with her friend (left) and +1 (right)

Theresa (middle) with her friend (left) and +1 (right)

Dumbo Feather's launch at The Testing Grounds

Dumbo Feather’s launch at The Testing Grounds

Burger Movie Night at Thousand Pound Bend

Gourmet burgers. Beer. And a movie about food. Bride Zilla Events knows what the winning combination is. Add the upstairs of Thousand Pound Bend to the mix and you have yourself a great setting for a Tuesday night in the CBD. Considering it was the first ever Burger Movie Night, we were surprised to see a full house. Zilla (Bride Zilla’s founder) picked Chef, a comedy about Jon Favreau opening a food truck. It was a real crowd-pleaser that left both of us with warm fuzzies (and full bellies). Watch our calendar to find out when Burger Movie Night is happening again. –Theresa

Our happy tweet at Burger Movie Night - follow us on @ThePlusOnesMEL

Our happy tweet at Burger Movie Night – follow us on @ThePlusOnesMEL

Captives Of The City

The production by the Chamber Made Opera saw us descend into the bowels of the Arts Centre for a unique performance in an incredible location. We weren’t told much about the performance, just to meet at Curve Bar and that it was a traveling performance – taking place in an elevator, backstage and other unique locations. Out-of-the-box performances like these get me salivating. When I arrived at the bar I took some solace in the faces of the other guests who looked equally clueless. The elevator ride put us in the mood for what was to come. We ended up in the Arts Centre’s basement, which is usually off limits, and were provided with a unique sound and light performance that had us in awe. –Ruki

Chamber Made Opera

As usual, Melbourne knows how to pull off great events in the most unusual of places. That’s why we love going to them, and sharing them with you, our dear readers.

Here’s to next month’s lineup of great events! Get on our newsletter, like us on Facebook, and hit up our calendar to keep in the loop.

-Theresa & Ruki

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Dumbo Feather, Bride Zilla Events, and the Arts Centre.