Welcome To The Tram Jam

In January an Italian friend asked me why Melburnians didn’t rent out and party on trams… “Don’t be ridiculous,” I quipped.  “This is Australia, we have rules.”

Enter Melbourne Music Week‘s greatest ever event.


A ballot system was announced and I entered with unadulterated anticipation.  As each day passed sans the ‘you have won’ email my hopes started to fade. Then I saw others gloating of their successful balloting.

My FOMO swelled and almost reached breaking point.  And just as my last hopes had faded I received a glorious message.  A friend’s grandmother had died and they couldn’t go (ok, ok I jest, they just couldn’t go, their grandmother is just fine and dandy)…

Did I want the tickets? Yes, yes, yes…sweet Jesus YES!

The Jam didn’t disappoint.  We left from The Espy but there were equally well decked out rhino skateboards from Howler (Brunswick) and The Corner Hotel

We boarded the jungle-themed tram, decked out with lights, trees and a DJ table.

tram jam

The conductor came on and politely indicated that we should hold on at all times…the roar of laughter set the mood as we jumped, bumped and occasionally fell over for the rest of the journey.

Thanks to the good folk at Red Bull we were also well hydrated (caffeinated) throughout the journey…the new cranberry flavour was a particular favourite.