Melbourne Music Week – Vice Party

Do you guys know the guys at VICE?  They throw one helluva party from time to time and the latest was no exception! This one was held at ‘The Residence’, the new dome/golf ball structure purpose built for Melbourne Music Week.  I ended up arriving post dusk so wasn’t sure whether the rest of the partygoers had binged on free beer which is a hallmark of their parties (until the free tap runs dry, which it sadly had…)


photo courtesy Melbourne Music Week

Being a part of Melbourne Music Week there was a set list of sorts:

Mikal Cronin 10:10pm – 11:00pm
The UV Race 9.10pm – 9:50pm
Home Travel 8:20pm – 8:50pm
Blank Realm 7:20pm – 8.00pm

I arrived in time for The UV Race which involved an overweight chap dancing with his top off…but he did look like he was having fun.

It was worth a visit to see the dome and to re-visit good times at The People’s Market (Garden). Oh yep, did I mention that?! A kicking space designed by the good folk that put together one of last summer’s neatest venues…I’d head down for a visit but make sure you’re well sated beforehand.  A Sprite set me back $7 which I was non-too impressed with!