Three Sisters – St Patricks Day

If you are planning to visit Edinburgh on the night of St Patricks day in future years to come, and you enjoy a lively evenings entertainment, then the place you may want to head for is the Three Sisters bar, nestled in the lively party area of Cowgate in the city centre.

The Three Sisters bar is quite a unique experience to visit on any given day.  It contains a large outdoor area and positioned on the perimeter of this area are several excellent food stations which serve high quality food to help quell the hunger when out partying:  Tacos, pizza, burgers, and so much more but of the highest quality. In addition, there are numerous bars so despite the high number of people around it isn’t difficult to get served, and as a craft beer enthusiast I found a few local brews that I hadn’t seen on offer at any other establishment.  For the sports fan the big events are displayed on a screen you won’t see comparable unless you visit your local multiplex.

I visited the night before St Patricks day and the place was gearing up for the following days celebration with lively disco music having people dancing in the big outside areas (which mercifully considering the notorious Scottish weather has been tarpaulined over), you could imagine on a balmy summer evening this would be a great place to dance the night away.  The Guinness stall was already doing a lively trade and clearly people had started their St Patricks weekend early. It also helped that the Scottish rugby team were competing in a thrilling tussle with the old enemy England which was showing on the big screen. Beer, great food, music, and sport – What more could you want from life!

It is a lively place so if you are looking for a quiet place to sit and chat forget it!  However, if you want a lively night out with food and drink easily accessible and a venue to watch a big sporting event then you can’t go wrong, particularly if you are looking for an energetic St Patricks day celebration.