La Belle Angele – Craig Charles Funk and Soul Club

If you are looking to extend your evening in Edinburgh into the wee small hours I can certainly recommend La Belle Angele.  Nestled on the lively Cowgate street amidst several lively bars, clubs and some fine eating establishments you can certainly build a whole evening into this district of Edinburgh, culminating into entering the aforementioned nightclub.

I’ve visited La Belle Angele on a number of times now, and as I have to confess to being of an age where not only my twenties, but also my thirties and now worryingly my forties are disappearing behind me at a rate of knots, nightclubbing isn’t a regular event on my calendar, mainly because at my age it takes me a number of weeks to recover from the experience but if you visit the wrong nightclub you are left to feel uncomfortably out of place amongst a sea of young ravers.  What I like about La Belle Angele is the wide age range and the relaxed vibe. It isn’t one of those sardine packed asphyxiating experiences that you have to be in your teens to endure. There is space to breathe, you can move around without young idiots knocking your drink in your face, and the beer isn’t just watered down cheap chemicals, it’s a nice pint of Innes and Gunn and a chance to enjoy some great music.

Speaking of great music, check out their roster of impending events and I’m sure there will be something to take your fancy.  On the night I recently visited it was the Craig Charles funk and soul show. I’m a huge fan of Craig from his work playing the character Lister in the hit TV show Red Dwarf.  Craig also presents a similar music show on BBC 6 music, which is often a soundtrack for me when preparing to kickstart my weekend festivities with some cool funk and stylish soul.  

As soon as Craig hit the turntables the dancefloor was jumping as the DJ spun a fabulous set which had the masses out for a good time swaying to his rhythms.  Craig’s exuberant personality shone through and he looked as if he was enjoying the tunes as much as the punters on the floor as party people danced the night away.

La Belle Angele, something for everyone, well worth an evening if you want to dance through to the morning.