NZ Fringe Special Review: Alayne’s Cat Safari

Alayne’s Cat Safari ™ was an immersive and clever Fringe Wellington event, that tackled topics such as “What kind of job would a cat have?”, and “Why are so many cat-based sayings negative?”

As soon as I arrived at the meeting point I heard two cats hissing, then a black and white moggy darted across the fence. This seemed like a good sign, I think. Newtown was obviously a place for cats. But were they the affectionate kind, or is Newtown full of rebel cats, fighting without a cause? I was about to find out.

I was greeted by Al, a dodgy investor funding the Safari, who welcomed us all with a quick but not-so-painless survey. Alayne was then kind enough to teach us proper cat greeting etiquette before we started: first you get on the cat’s level, then you wave to show them you’re friendly, and finally, cats of course love compliments, so you need to give your new cat friend a compliment. And then we were off on our safari through Newtown.

We found our first cat just around the corner. A black long haired cat, lounging in the sun. At this point we agreed on some code words for when we spot a cat, or a cat-like object, and Alayne handed out a cat sticker to the person who spotted it first. The group gasped with envy. It wasn’t just a game anymore.

We were on full alert now, scanning the street for anything that could earn a sticker. As we learned more about the felines of Newtown, we also learned more the trials Alayne was facing as a cat tour operator, and entrepreneur. As the audience, we saw Alayne’s character grow as she navigated funding issues, workplace tension, WINZ hold music, and more. It was a whole lot of fun being part of that story, and I love how it took the audience by surprise.

Alayne’s Cat Safari was surprisingly clever, very funny, and had a heart warming finale. I wore my siamese kitten sticker home with pride. The show has already ended, but keep an eye on this group. I’m sure Alayne has more tricks up her sleeve.

– Cerise
Cerise spends her day balancing hats at a software company. She is a geek for all things design, animation, and pancakes.
NZ Fringe runs 10 Feb – 5 March and is the craziest, most vibrant and bizarre time in Wellington. Get out of your comfort zone, and get amongst as many Fringe bits as possible!

Photo Credit:Making Friends Collective
Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of the NZ Fringe Festival