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Time Out Bar Awards Melbourne 2017

Time Out Melbourne Bar Awards: the 2017 winners and the party

Melburnians can all agree our city has excellent bars. In celebration, Time Out Melbourne hosts the annual Bar Awards to honour their pick of the bunch. The 2017 awards were held at the recently refurbished Corner Hotel rooftop in Richmond….

Whisky & Alement’s Japanese whisky masterclass at Bar White Oak

Sip a bit of history. Whisky & Alement are hosting an once-in-a-lifetime experience at their Bar White Oak pop-up. It took three and a half years to amass Australia’s largest collection of Japanese whisky. This is your only chance to try…

Winning Tastes: a night of award-winning cocktails

When you start the night with a cocktail featuring a brandy aged for 15+ years, you know you’re in good hands. This is how the RASV welcomed distillers and spirit enthusiasts to their ‘ultimate cocktail hour.’ (Lucky for us, the…

Adelphi Distillery whisky tasting at Whisky & Alement

Whisky, why are you so kind to us Melbourne folk? Does your benevolence know no limits? Why bring exclusive, fine single malts hand-picked by Adelphi Distillery to our shores, host a tasting night at Whisky & Alement, then offer us pre-orders of limited…