Time Out Bar Awards Melbourne 2017

Time Out Melbourne Bar Awards: the 2017 winners and the party

Melburnians can all agree our city has excellent bars. In celebration, Time Out Melbourne hosts the annual Bar Awards to honour their pick of the bunch.

The 2017 awards were held at the recently refurbished Corner Hotel rooftop in Richmond. The sassy hospo guests weren’t the only thing hot in attendance, as the temperature hit 37 degrees that day. Fortunately, the Corner crew kept everyone hydrated with whiskey, beer, and cider. Hydrodol was also on hand, and like a professional I downed the hangover relief tablets with a gin and tonic.

Time Out Bar Awards Melbourne 2017

Impressively, the sponsors and the bar team rose to the occasion and managed to keep an entire rooftop full of hospitality staff in beer and whiskey during the entire event. The Plus Ones love a good value and Time Out’s tickets for $55 + BF for several hours of drinks, plus bar snacks, delivered. I only wish that Time Out had partnered with local vendors (Yenda has a Coca Cola partnership, Southern Comfort is a U.S. brand, and Caple Rd is from the U.K.).

Comedian Rhys Nicholson brought his sparkling personality and his sparkling suit jacket to announce the awards. The night started off with a surprise when Lazerpig (a pizza parlour that combines pepperoni, DJs, and 12am closing time) took out ‘Best Party Bar’ over infamous establishments like Cherry Bar and Heartbreaker.  My plus one and I were also scratching our heads over Heartattack and Vine’s nomination for Best New Bar, considering the bar posted their second birthday celebration in October of last year.

Time Out Bar Awards Melbourne 2017

While Cherry Bar didn’t win best party bar, Time Out did recognise the venue with a Legend Award. Plus, our fave Whisky and Alement was named Bar of the Year.

Time Out’s National Food and Drink Editor, Emily Lloyd-Tait, stated, ‘Melbourne loves whisky, and [Whisky and Alement] was the first to really champion firewater in the city… They seek out limited edition single malts, knew to hoard Japanese whiskies before the boom, and always offer warm service to novices and experts alike’.

Time Out Bar Awards Melbourne 2017

Official awards or not, I’d like to raise a glass in recognition of all the passionate, knowledgeable people that contribute to Melbourne’s nightlife on a daily basis. It’s a city packed with talent and there are some incredible people behind the bars.

I’d also like to offer a toast to Hydrodol, which miraculously managed to keep my hangover at bay.

– Jenny
Jenny is an event adventurer. When she’s not attending live shows, you can find her sampling the latest craft beer or sipping a creative cocktail.

Please visit Time Out’s full list of Bar Award winners.         

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Time Out.
Image credit: Time Out Melbourne.