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Animal Majeure Boardman

Wild look at first world dramas in Force Majeure’s You Animal, You

At the zenith of civilisation in the early 21st century, we like to think of humanity as polished, ethical, democratic.  Force Majeure in Danielle Micich directed You Animal, You, strives to unveil the subliminal drives within us that predate this surface veneer….

Jump First, Ask Later

Jump First, Ask Later at Arts Centre Melbourne

True tales and jazzy tricks are what entertain in this effortlessly compelling show of street dance par excellence. Six kids from the streets of Sydney’s inner west delight with their backstories and creative chutzpah in fresh Aussie parkour in ‘Jump…

‘Nothing To Lose’ at the Malthouse Theatre

Fat people are awesome. Fat bodies are awesome. Fat babes dancing on stage? Breathtaking! I have followed the production of Force Majeure’s ‘Nothing To Lose‘ in the lead up to its launch at the Sydney Festival last year, where it…