Sparkle into Spring at Shimmer Lane

If you’re looking for a taste of enchantment in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, Shimmer Lane is the place to be. This immersive installation, taking over Meyers Place from September 7th to November 30th, 2023, is a true testament to the creativity and vibrancy of the city.

What truly sets Shimmer Lane apart is its commitment to the community. Every Friday night, you can catch Melbourne’s talented buskers like 2207, Debbie G, Little Notes, and CYNTA outside The Loop Bar from 6 to 8 pm. It’s the perfect way to kick off your weekend with good vibes and great music.

Brought to life by Uniquely Melbourne and produced by Vee agency, Shimmer Lane is more than just an art installation; it’s a journey into a world of reflective fun. Picture shimmering walls, solar-powered lights, and a stunning ‘Jungle Funk’ mural by Mike Makatron, all adorned with glitter to add that extra touch of magic. The result? Meyers Place becomes a life-sized disco ball, ready to dazzle both day and night.

But it’s not just about the visuals; Shimmer Lane offers a multisensory experience. One highlight is Steven Manos’ ‘Light Bazaar’ installation, transporting you to a world of mesmerizing lights. Plus, the lane on Friday nights is dotted with local vendors, musicians, and artists who contribute to the mirage of reflective wonder.

Speaking of wonder, don’t miss the chance to sip on specially crafted cocktails with a glittery twist. The ‘Shimmer Elixir’ from Lane’s Edge Wine Bar is a delightful concoction of vodka, cranberry, lime, and edible glitter – a true embodiment of Shimmer Lane’s essence.

This dazzling experience is made possible by the City of Melbourne as part of their ‘Dusk till Dawn’ campaign, aimed at keeping the city alive after work hours and stimulating the night-time economy. Shimmer Lane is a prime example of how art, culture, and commerce can come together to create something truly spectacular.

If you’re in Melbourne between now and 30 November, make sure to visit Shimmer Lane. Spring in the city has never sparkled like this before.

– The Plus Ones


Photo Credit: Supplied.
Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Zilla & Brook.