Double the fun at Tia Maria’s Two of a Kind Party

Tia Maria turned on the charm at Nick and Nora’s retro glam bar. Lucky competition winners brought their bestie for a Two of a Kind themed party, with free cocktails, canapés and Client Liaison. The guests’ dress code matched the drinks list. Wearing black or green, everyone’s outfits colour coordinated with the espresso martini and matcha-tini green tea cocktails.

Tia Maria staged an impressive take-over of Nick & Nora’s swinging cocktail bar – a place normally known for table service and flowing champagne. The venue was buzzing. Was it from the guests’ up-beat energy or the caffeinated coffee and green tea liqueurs? Probably both. Rubbing elbows with pop duo Client Liaison didn’t hurt either. Exuding rockstar status, the energetic pair got booties on the dance floor and themselves up on the tables.

Behind the bar, aproned staff mixed, shook, and poured drinks all night long. In addition to the martini drinks, guests were also invited to try Tia & Coke and Tia & tonic. But my favourite of the night was the Tia-groni. It’s a twist on the classic negroni, made with Tia Maria, Campari, and gin and garnished with an orange peel. Swapping Tia Maria in place of vermouth added a sweet, caffeinated kick. (Also, I don’t know about everyone else’s home bar post-pandemic, but I’m much more likely to have coffee liqueur on hand for mixing drinks, rather than vermouth.)

Despite rain and the flood warnings(!), attendees pulled on their party pants and best matcha-ing outfits. Here’s to more Melbourne nights celebrating good times and good friends!

– Jenny
Jenny Schmidt is an event adventurer. When she’s not attending live shows, you can find her sampling the latest craft beer or sipping a creative cocktail.
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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Maven PR
Photos by Michael Woods