Railed at Melbourne Fringe Festival

It was all guns blazing on opening night of Head First Acrobats brand new Wild West themed show ‘Railed’ at The Melbourne Fringe Festival. Our saddles were fastened but we had no idea where this road was going to take us.

Housed within the spectacular Wonderland Spiegeltent behind Fed Square, Railed combines impressive physical talents, comedic timing and super chiselled sweaty men into a hour-long show that will have you on the edge of your seats. What’s not to love?!

Head First Acrobats know their audience and don’t disappoint. If you’ve seen their promo photos you’ll get the idea. While our four hero cowboys start the show in full Western getup, it’s not long until bare chests and ripped abs makes an appearance. Don’t even get us started on the assless chaps and other innuendos. Yes that’s right, this isn’t a show for your grandma.

It was hard to take our eyes off strongman Cal Harris, who’s impressive balancing skills on the ladder had the audience holding their breath. Adam McMahon’s diabolo tricks were taken up a notch when he introduced a second diablo onto his string – something I hadn’t seen before. Anthony Saltalamacchia’s comedic timing was spot on as were some excellent teeterboard flips.

A highlight of the many acrobatic feats was Harley Timmermans on the Cyr wheel, which I’m sure would have rolled off the small stage in less talented hands (and feet). Also, while we won’t spoil the surprise, just know that we’ll never see a unicorn horn in the same way again.

The mastery of the various physical feats by these talented acrobats is undeniable, though it’s the narrative story-telling and well-timed slapstick comedy that drives Railed into a truly great show.

Fair warning: Railed will have you ooo-ing and ahh-ing as you clap till your hands fall off. This is a must-see show.

– Tomas
Tomas Zagoda is a filmmaker, writer, coffee addict and tall person who does not play basketball. You can follow him @TomasZagoda.

Railed is playing as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival from the 12 – 25 September. Book tickets on their website.
The venue is accessible.

Disclaimer: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Sassy Red PR.
Image: Frank Packer.