DIY Organic Skincare Products class with Laneway Learning

Think making your own skincare products at home sounds difficult? Well the lovely Lily, aka Mademoiselle Organic, is here to show you just how easy it really is. Her DIY Organic Skincare Products class at Laneway Learning is short and sweet, lasting just over an hour. Yet in that time you’ll learn how to make 4 ‘instant recipes’: a makeup remover, face serum and two types of scrubs.

The class started with an intro talk about DIY organic skincare products where we all discussed what brought us here in the first place. Interestingly everybody’s reason was different, with the most common ones being trying to be more eco-friendly, animal cruelty-free or chemical free in our beauty regimes. The good news is that as all the ingredients used in the class are 100% natural, sustainable and vegan, whatever your prerogative, you’re good to get stuck in.

After the initial discussion, the real hands-on fun began. We talked through each of the 4 recipes we’d be making, their ingredients and how to combine them. Then we got the chance to try mixing them ourselves, with each product taking just seconds to create in the palm of your hand. At the end, there was even the option to buy all of the ingredients used in the class, so you could go home and get started straight away!

The best thing about this class was just how quick and easy each ‘instant recipe’ was to make. It really demonstrated how anyone can easily fit DIY natural skincare into their everyday routine, no matter how busy they are. I was also surprised at how effective the simple ingredients were at moisturising/exfoliating/cleansing your skin, with my little testers working wonders on my hands.

You learn a lot in just over an hour, making the class a fantastic way for beginners to quickly understand the basics of making their own skincare products. It also gave me a lot of food for thought on my current skincare routine that had me heading home and inspecting the ingredient lists in my bathroom cabinet. Although I might not be quite ready to trade in all my cosmetics for natural recipes, I think, for the most part, I’m converted. Move over charcoal activated electrolyte bio lifting cream, it’s time to see if less really is more.

– Beth

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited as guests of Laneway Learning
Photo credit: Aurelie (Lily) Marquie