The Famous Spiegeltent at Luna Park

When carnival icons combine: Spiegel et Luna

The Famous Spiegeltent at Luna ParkHave you heard the news? The Famous Spiegeltent is doing a 3-week spring season in St Kilda’s Luna Park! These two historic icons are combining for your entertainment. If the Opening Party is anything to go on, this season is going to be fabulous, darling! Melbourne loves the Spiegeltent for it’s swanky atmosphere so it was appropriate for us to be warmly welcomed with a wink to the familiar surroundings. It was like being transported back to a special time when carnivals were king.

Feasting on cheese and other nibbles, we danced under velvet curtains and upon smooth teak to the Spiegeltent’s house-band; Melbourne’s own, The Shuffle Club. As they played an energetic mix of jazz, swing, blues and boogie we grooved with fellow punters, performers and special guests (including Spiegelmaestro, David Bates and Luna Park CEO, Mary Stuart).

The Shuffle Club at The Famous SpiegletentOutside there was the omnipresent and recognisable clicking of the scenic railway with occasional screams of the rollercoaster riders. Inside the Spiegeltent the disco ball reflections continued to dance on the stained glass windows. As the Shuffle Club took a well-deserved intermission to catch their breath (and we, ours), two stunningly gowned divas – Clare St. Clare and Mama Alto took to the floor. Performers in in Moira Finucane’s Dance Hall: The Diva Carousel! They each performed a song showcasing the quality and talent you can expect to see from October 10-14 at the Spiegeltent.

The wonderfully diverse collection of shows on offer includes concerts, cabaret, theatre and comedy. Shows run through to October 14. All shows are family friendly (apart from Moira Finucane’s Dance Hall!). Well, some pleasures are for adults only.

Several shows aimed at families give the option to purchase show tickets and unlimited rides at Luna Park on the day. So plan ahead, arrive early and stay late to enjoy the rides. If you haven’t been to Luna Park recently, this is a great excuse to go. The rides are ranked by thrill level- mild, moderate and high so you can be prepared. I myself floated on the ‘sky rider’ Ferris wheel (mild), spun around and squealed on the ‘spider’ (moderate thrill) and enjoyed a tiny bit of tummy flip on the ‘twin dragon’(high thrill). So brave! These thrills took me right back to childhood. Time travel twice in an evening? It doesn’t get any better than that!


– Cara

Cara has long hair, long legs and a long association with all things arty, crafty, colourful and fun!

Spiegeltent’s spring season at Luna Park runs from September 22 to October 14. You can purchase tickets to all shows here. The venue is accessible. The Shuffle Club play live at Claypots in St Kilda.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Encore PR
Photo credit: Encore PR