VAMFF 2018

VAMFF: GQ Australia Menswear Runway

Next up: GQ Australia Menswear Runway, presented by Asahi Super Dry. Entering the VAMFF grand archways of the Royal Exhibition Building, incoming: all of the who’s who of Melbourne males.  Designers, stylists, television peeps, sports peeps, cool peeps, and the hottest of the Melburnians in all industries. Insert here: ‘fire’ emoji.

The opening of the show surprises us with an extended entrance of the runway, expanding the entire length of the Royal Exhibition floor. This creates space from the audience, alluring us as we step in, giving a sense of depth and anticipation.

VAMFF 2018

Autonomy open the runway with the crew of males entering on spotlight, pretty powerful. It’s your denim jean, white tee, black boot with black belt kinda look. Your classic male basics but throw in an off-beat vibe, a bit more street without conforming to the crowd.

Bassike brings us a simple love sleeve with your khaki green jacket. Navy pants, tailored to the ankle, throw on a black slip to walk out the door, laid back — but very Melbourne.

VAMFF 2018

Chris Ran Lin gives us low v-neck knits.  With long oversized sleeves for a scrunch at the wrists, add in a slash opening at the shoulder.  We’re seeing block colours; yellow, orange and blue knits; and throw on a blazer with a matching suit short paired with your white sneaker. Ummm, hello!

We have a runway interlude.  Spotlights hit centre seats — placed perfectly are a live jazz band.  Trumpets, sax and a soulful voice. A live performance reminiscent of exactly what Melbourne represents, live music to keep you buzzing through the night.

VAMFF 2018

Jac & Jack are simplistic with your navies, cotton tee and wool scarf for the winter.  Timeless with a bit more edge and a street-style understatement, drawing attention.

Jack London, always sophisticated and your winter three-piece suit.  Pant, vest and blazer wools.  Take them apart for both day and night, and use one of the three to make a statement.  Loving that neutral brown calf skin leather jacket though, brown lace ups, plain tee. Own it.

VAMFF 2018

P.E. Nation with a bit more graphics a little bit of stripe.  Black, white and red.  For the sporty gym males, the guy’s guy, with activewear throw-ons for your Sunday brunch.

Strateas Carlucci ends the show with bold red for the winter, along with pieces for the ladies.  Masculine polarising the feminine. Suits for the females closing with dominance.

VAMFF 2018

The Plus Ones’ fashion correspondent Sheena Reyes

The show finale has all the collections exiting from the top of the runway.  Showcasing the street-style, suit-style and the best of GQ styles.  Insert here: triple ‘fire’ emoji.

– Sheena 
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VAMFF runs until 18 March 2018 – make sure to check out all of the upcoming events at Check out VAMFF’s Shop The Runway for all runway styles. 

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of AMPR.
Image credit: James McPherson Photography.