Northcote STN cafe

Next Stop for brunch: Northcote STN cafe

Northcote STN is the fresh-faced baby cafe of specialty coffee connoisseurs Workshop Brothers. Here’s a yet another reason for my Northcote friends to brag about their increasingly cosmopolitan slice of Melbourne!

Inspired by the London Underground, the restaurant fit-out is modern and minimal, with a warm and friendly vibe. From clean, white walls and shiny, modern glassware, to funky 80s tunes beating merrily in the background. While the Underground theme is subtle inside, the train ticket-style menu and cute pink coffee cups made us smile.

Northcote STN cafe

As expected, the coffee did not disappoint. Though, far from being coffee snobs ourselves, we couldn’t appreciate the single origin cup of the day. But that doesn’t mean you can’t; try it and judge for yourself.

Besides specialty coffee, the menu is packed with exciting drink choices. From deliciously Instragramable smoothies such as The Topicana, a perfect fusion of mango and passionfruit. To milkshakes, organic sodas and cold pressed juices. Feel like something hot? Wrap your hands around a creamy and fragrant chai latte. The turmeric chai was our favourite.

Northcote STN cafe

The sophisticated menu is diverse and creative, with lots of dishes dressed to impress! While your favourites are certainly here, you’ll be delighted by the unique spin on dishes you’re used to. With crispy Cauliflower and Kale Fritters, which taste like neither kale nor cauliflower, but something new and wonderful. Their Lemon and Parmesan Gnocchi were sauce-free and reminiscent of mum’s roasted potatoes, with a subtle, satisfying crunch.

So, what was the highlight for us? The sweet stuff, no question. Have you ever tried Red Velvet Pancakes with coconut meringue? We think it’s time you did.

Northcote STN cafe

If you’re feeling even more indulgent, we recommend the Chai Brioche. It comes with a creamy peanut butter parfait, which got our hearts racing. Was it a sugar rush or caffeine high? We couldn’t be sure, but it was pure bliss.

– Lena
Lena Todorovski is typical Melbourne human: likes to wear black and complain about the weather.

Northcote STN 
382 High Street
Northcote VIC

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Fox Digital Lab.
Image credit: Lena Todorovski.