Gillian Cosgriff in ‘This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things’

Gillian Cosgriff is hilarious. Her show ‘This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things’ is Cosgriff’s exploration of her feelings and review of her decisions as she careens towards her 30s, or in her words, ‘adulthood’.

We didn’t stop laughing the whole time. Unlike many other humorists, Cosgriff’s intimate rapport with the audience leaves you with the feeling that it is herself that she has embarrassed — not the audience members that sit too close to the front. It’s rare to be treated to a show that can be so raw in its subject matter, yet so polished in its delivery. Here, Cosgriff sharpens her teeth on a local audience before taking the show to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

No one in her life is safe. Highlights include a song about receiving a a handmade twenty-fourth birthday present made by her mother (The Ugliest Bag in the World), and the subsequent subterfuge for its disposal; to exposing the intricacies and grammatical failings associated with the social brain fart of dating a man that is very, very pretty but stupid. It was all on the table.

I was excited to see this show, as I’ve enjoyed attending a number of comedy shows where Cosgriff made brief appearances. I found her performance to be equally strong in a full-length show. The girls that joined me were unfamiliar with Cosgriff’s work, but we were all left wanting more. I personally wish for Cosgriff’s success, much like you would want your favourite bakery to stay in business. The better they do, the greater the guarantee that there will be more treats in the future.

– Emmanuella
Emmanuella Grace is a voice and Performance coach and founder of Find Your Voice. She believes that with the right teacher anyone can learn to sing better.

Gillian Cosgriff’s ‘This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things’ runs 5-10 July 2016 at The Butterfly Club. Purchase tickets now.
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