Melbourne Fringe Review: Period

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I once had a teacher from the US in early high school. He always asked the class (a room full of 13 year old boys) whether we ‘put a period at the end of that sentence’. No one ever answered yes. He must have worried for our futures.

Much to my surprise, Period, wasn’t a performance about grammatical correct-ness. It was a hour long performance about the joy of learning that you aren’t pregnant each month. Held at The Courthouse, we were whisked upstairs to what must have been someone’s bedroom. How appropriate. It was an intimate setting and you quickly become friends with your neighbours.

Loani Arman takes you from the beginning. The false start that her family thought was her period, the almost celebration at Wet & Wild when she did have her period and the general joys of periods for months after. It is an incredibly entertaining performance. As a guy, we really know nothing of and cannot empthaise in any way with the pain that is. I was going to take notes, it was almost as informative as my relationship education which is entirely derived from Sex & The City.

If you’re after a night of genuine, side-splitting hilarity, Period is a must see.

– Rukmal
Rukmal (Ruki) is The Plus Ones’ Managing Director. He looks after the marketing, technology, and finance areas of TPO and loves nothing more than analysing data and optimising campaigns. Okay, perhaps building a global digital media company is a touch more interesting. While he rarely writes articles these days, preferring to leave it to our incredible staff writers, he can occasionally tap his right brain.

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