AnestasiA Vodka White Wonderlust launch at Mon Bijou

When you get an invite to dress head-to-toe in white and experience the new AnaestasiA Vodka, what do you do? You rustle up a white outfit and grab a vodka-loving friend as your +1. No matter that it’s a Wednesday night.

AnestasiA Vodka

the gorgeous bottle – photo courtesy Helen Reizer PR

I hadn’t yet been to Mon Bijou and (to my chagrin) didn’t realise it was a penthouse. So being whisked up in an elevator and walking into the winter wonderlust, er, wonderland, was a nice surprise. As was seeing the beautiful promo girls fully dolled up in head-to-toe white, including fascinators. Everyone getting to pose in front of the white wall for pics (so fancy) was a nice touch, too.

AnestasiA Vodka

Theresa (in coat) and her lucky +1 with the AnestasiA Vodka ladies

AnestasiA Vodka comes in some uber-fancy bottles that will no doubt be all over town soon. Filtered five times, then distilled five times from pure Oregon water (U.S.A. FTW), this is some smooth stuff. I should know. I even did a shot of it. No burning, people! It comes as straight vodka or with blue curaçao. Having borrowed my white skirt from a girlfriend, I was too scared than to very carefully drink more than one of the blue drinks. (P’raps the theme should have been blue clothes instead of white? I’m amazed no one spilled on themselves!)

AnestasiA Vodka

Mon Bijou all in white – photo courtesy Helen Reizer PR

AnestasiA Vodka

desserts by Om Nom – photo courtesy Helen Reizer PR

Catering came from right downstairs from the excellent Om Nom Desserts at the Adelphi Hotel. You could tell how much their team was having fun coming up with ways to include vodka into their desserts. Macaroons with vials of vodka sticking out? One for me, please. Even on a school night. Wednesday is the new Thursday is the new Friday when there’s AnestasiA Vodka involved.

– Theresa
Co-founder of The Plus Ones, Theresa enjoys nothing more than putting together the perfect costume/outfit for a special event.

Purchase AnestasiA Vodka at Dan Murphy’s, and keep an eye out for it at establishments around Melbourne.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Helen Reizer PR.